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Bird's Milk

by Christians & Lions

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All our days left on earth, all our dead friends will hold us like a handful of baby birds; oh it's that weight that I'll carry/ us I'm thinking of. So sweet, at first blood, all of the ants come. We'll eat dirty white hearts on the path to the dascha. And if we're wasps dreaming winter under the sun don't go bury all of your love.
Bird's Milk 03:24
Will ya tell me what I want? I won't bleed if you're a good shot, and the apple's the size of, or bigger than my head and my heart. And if it's to eat the target with milk, brown bread, and cheese till I've had my fill, you shoot the breeze; surround me with what you will and what I could use. Things get hotter in the dark, dark water. It's never the same. Walk toe-to-heel with your back to a wall, then grow like you feel yourself getting tall, I'll stay vertical--drowning like all those sinking ships must always do. Beneath the eaves, on the roof of the porch, sweating the grief from every pore, heaving the heat of all my clothes burned in a pile and smoked like god's ghost. Things get hotter in the dark, dark water. It's never the same.
Like household pets with broken necks, their bodies dance around their heads and I dream in infinities, the space between dumb terror and the door (rolls over itself, halves its body, breaks its back, drags its weight inches at a time, like time.) I'm like time. Holy ghost stirs like soup around the heatsink in our chests, and laysaints line up at the threshold with our love fetish. The war is never over, but soon, when the robin comes, to sing blue velvet eggs off everybody's tongues I'll breathe, and I'll speak. That's when I'll speak.
Freshly doped, tied 'twixt pines in the snow, shovel hovers just above my sweet corona: "Slow now, easy--where he can't see it.." We inject the inarticulate, cause they cant talk their way out of it, "Son," he said, "don't inoculate till you try it!" Lord, I wanted to stay young so I wouldn't have to hurt anyone, but now these chords have a body count and I want out. Screaming theatre in a crowded fire, these ushers are sitting us down! With stitches all over my teeth-- will someone sew my mouth shut please??-- I'll eat it all if I'm allowed to breathe. Things don't fall apart, they just give up on being what they are: I'm a war, I'm a war, I'm a war, I'm a war and 'scene!' Things don't fall apart, they just give up on being what they are: I'm a home, I'm a home, I'm a home, I'm a home and-- Things don't fall apart, they just give up on being what they are: I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl and-- Someday I wanna be shrunk down so teeny, we see each other as proteins, baby, wouldn't that be neat?
I don’t know, I don’t speak backwards.
Thanks to theorist Helene Cixous for the phrase “Because changing I” Between the wars they come to hox us in the stable, so why am I holding this guitar neck like it’s a bone broken through the skin? These paragraphs aren’t up for auction where your charts and graphs do all the talking. This pen still moves like a robin tricked into love with the click of my tongue. Because changing I, please focus your particles on mine, great-grands of thunder, under one sun. I’m ready to dance when I can’t run! And I will tie this promise around my shins: Scream Everything! Scream Everything! Still this pen moves like a robin tricked into love with the click of my tongue! And we shuffle down the road with the smell in our eyes.


Limited-run, letterpressed/hand-numbered edition of 200, out in 2009.


released July 26, 2009

Ben - vocals, guitar, saw; Sam - vocals, bass; Jon - vocals, trumpet; Greg - guitar; Amelia - trombone; Matt - guitar; Chris - Drums; Chris B. - trumpet, mellotron. Recorded by Jerry MacDonald at The Shop in Weymouth, MA in 2009 and by Jack Younger at Basement 247 in Allston, MA in 2007. Art by Alex Feinstein. Design and printing by Michael Dacey at Repeat Press. Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East. Floating Garbage Continent release FGC-7.




Christians & Lions Warren, Rhode Island

A "veritable underdog super group" (TheDig) formed in 2004. Ben Moy Potrykus (Bent Shapes, Receiving End of Sirens, etc), Matt Sisto, Chris Mara, and Chris Barrett are joined by Fiona Wood, Chris D'Amore, James Weinberg, and Sara Honeywell live. Also featuring Sam Potrykus, Kate Virginia, Greg Tellier, and more. ... more

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