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001: Firebelly Salamander b​/​w We Fall and Get Up, We Fall and Get Up, We Fall and Get Up

by Christians & Lions

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Mama, your little boy's dying at the gates with a mace and a longbow arrow lodged firm in his breastplate isn't there something we should do? Won't it be a shock to the coroner's colander? his blood is so thick with the fight and when they find the twenty-something hearts in his stomach..? It was all I could get him to eat some nights,' she sighs and looks out towards the castle wall. She closes her eyes and faces the far-off moat where I splashed and sputtered, practicing my strokes and the Dead Man's Float among the crocodiles, always to return to her side, forever her eldest child. Father, your boy's being gunned down on a plane. He's out reading Marx on the left wing again, and they can't get him to come in-- they've tried, but his singing's a bathtub gin.' 'He'll jump when his wings are fully-grown, or he'll learn to build some on the way down.' 'He won't hit the ground for miles...' 'Yes, but he'll be in complete denial,' he smiles weakly, but it's better than yearly. He scratches his head, and raises his eyes to his son's pallbearers, floating thither and yon and on and on into a sun too-bright. For a moment his boy's a kite. Don't harvest blame, after the rains come to drown and to destroy, 'cause you tried to pull your child out from the fire, but you couldn't pull the fire out your baby boy.
I keep names and emotions in my teeth when I can't take the blistering heat on my tongue. Often it seems they never cool. Often, it seems, they never do. But I must stop starving myself for fear of indigestion. So let my stomach shrink, to embrace the week, naturally. Your words could make my ears bleed, under these sheets, like a shotgun in a tunnel. I have known since before the kiss that I could say such beautiful things with your lips. Let's taste the words we weren't allowed before. Let's sing the ones that we can't speak. So those with the voices of angels have ended up singing like canaries... They think they can pull a Cain just 'cause they're able, but we'll not forget the skin that we are wearing. Let's taste the words we weren't allowed before. Let's sing the ones that we can't speak. (No more will I let my stomach shrink.) (Singing:) We shall overcome someday.


released January 1, 2004

Track 1 written and performed by Ben Potrykus, recorded at The Shop in Weymouth, Mass. by Jerry MacDonald. 2004.

Track 2 written and performed by Matt Sisto (guitar, drums/percussion, organ) and Ben Potrykus (vocals), recorded at Stream of Studio in Milford, Mass. by Dan Gonzales, 2004.

Released as a limited CD single with hand-screened cover by ECA Records in 2004.




Christians & Lions Warren, Rhode Island

A "veritable underdog super group" (TheDig) formed in 2004. Ben Moy Potrykus (Bent Shapes, Receiving End of Sirens, etc), Matt Sisto, Chris Mara, and Chris Barrett are joined by Fiona Wood, Chris D'Amore, James Weinberg, and Sara Honeywell live. Also featuring Sam Potrykus, Kate Virginia, Greg Tellier, and more. ... more

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